Our Products

Android App Development

What started out as a learning exercise (you're never too old to learn) has now become an extremely popular App on Google Play. By staying up to date with current web technology we were able to develop numerous bespoke applications for the Android mobile phone environment.

Need a Mobile Phone Application? You have come to the right place. Developing in CSS3 & HTML5 we able to deliver high quality App in less than half the time most other developers take.

Web Hosting

Hardrive makes use of the premium web hosting solutions at Hetzner. Their competitive rates and outstanding service are the reason that we are still with them.

Our technical know-how enables us to deliver the very best solution piggy backing on the lightning fast servers that Hetzner use in there hosting division. They do the backups of the site for us, we act as a buffer between them so that all you have to worry about is the content of your web site and not how to maintain the servers.

Web Design

At Hardrive we have no graphical designers, only a thorough grounding in ICT, both software and hardware. We leave the artwork to those better skilled to do the job.

By teaming up with various partners such as Sa'joe Designs in Gauteng, Hardrive is able to deliver web sites that are visually stunning and our software expertise makes the site technically awesome.

Custom Code

With over 40 years of PC programming (yes, the first IBM PC came out in August 1981 and I was using CP/M in the late 70's) there are very few programming languages that I have not used. My history in Mid-Range computing gave me a head start in database systems and Hardrive is still able to advise on the latest technologies available today.

Starting with video store and dry cleaning sales control systems in the 80's, to property sales CMS systems and shoe store POS in the 90's, fresh fruit pack house control systems in the 00's and integrated PC / Mobile Apps today, our vast experience in the business world enables us to better deliver solutions that will work.

A race timing system written for RaceTime Mpumalanga on PCs and laptops with Smart Phone interfaces to capture events in the field is state of the art. Having the ability to send SMS messages on completion, track competitors as they pass check points, it has given RaceTime a competitive edge in the timing business.