Welcome to Hardrive Software Solutions

With 30 years in the IT industry, developing and consulting for the largest corporate to the one man businesses HSS has wide range of expertise.

You need a Mobile Phone Application? You have come to the right place. Developing in CSS3 & HTML5 we able to deliver high quality apps in less than half the time most other developers take.

At hardrive we have no graphical designers, only a thourough grounding in ICT, both software and hardware. We leave the artwork to those better shilled to do the job.

By teaming up with various partners such as Sa'joe Designs and Red Square - The Image Makers, Hardrive is able to deliver web sites that are both visually stunning and our software expertise makes the site technically awesome.

It is said that to hand code a web site is old school, but that is what Hardrive does. From the web page to the programmes delivering dynamic content, everything is hand coded. This way your site only has the engine required to deliver your site 100%, not a compromise package that hopes to cover 75% of everyones rquirements. this also speeds up the performance, reduces maintenance and reduces the overall cost of hosting the site.